Few lines..JLT..eternal

On d path of ur "belief" systems, u always want to assure urself that u r doing d right thing. Can u put ur hand on ur heart n say this is "true"?

Yeah, it seems difficult to be a person with "backbone “always. But, did u try to be "1" at least? Have u ever tried "once"?

U r stuck in traffic n with “smart” steering, u find an empty road ahead which seems a choice to escape but not an opportunity to grow. Will u?

U feel fizz n crackle with electric energy/enthusiasm. But, do u  no to "avoid" getting your wires crossed?

 Do u no d time to change ur situation Or at least, d way u think/perceive about it ? Can, now u “feel” power to change other things too?

 So, u got X-ray eyes. U see what's wrong. Great, but, can u set it straight and make it "right"?

Ok, u r great to read every detail in "details". Do u also no to stand far enough back to see d "bigger" picture?

U have capabilities to clear up confusion as u r innovative enough to come up with new amazing/ inspiring ideas .  But, r they good ideas?

 We r standing by for an act of "impressive" determination but- what is that obstacle that u want to overcome anyhow?

Do u no, (at least, instinctively) how to heal old wounds n make magic happen, at least in your own heart?

Do u feel "what" u should actually feel? Do u no if "something" is changing or getting in "original" shape?

 R u confident to "Believe" ur judgement ? R  emotions/external factors getting too strong?

Ok, u suffered in silence n could have spoken out more. Do u have "some1" who can hear u as being only "U"?

Have u ever been on a thought-provoking discovery about ur worth in an "unbiased" manner?

Many dents are there on ur favorite car. Should u find a repair shop or DIY? U may also buy a new 1, "affordability" is not a challenge 4 u. But, It is ur favorite car, Bro!

“R u ok?” -Yaa. “OK, r u ok”? -Yaa. I think so. “Fine, R u ok?” Yaa. “hmm, do u have strength to be urself? Do u no to Get that first”?

 ·Full of good ideas but confusing too- Do u no to see a situation with better clarity?

Own idea looks foolish- u plan to give up. Many ideas influenced by people- u r willing to follow. R u sure that next goal u attain is urs?

Can u act like a magician who pulls a rabbit from a hat? May be- should u try more or give up?

Oh, u r as accurate as laser n as sharp as razor. But, to keep from cutting urself, r u willing to put urself on cutting edge? Or do u plan/think some1 else to put on cutting edge?

U r determined to make “something” happen, after a long time. Is it d right choice?

·Is this a problem or just a test that u can pass or a challenge u can rise to right a wrong?

·U have turned a “Pshychic” n nothing can be hidden from u now. Do u no to protect urself from this power or own tendency of being self-critical?

 Some influences happen once in a lifetime n u become a very different person. Was/is this new Avatar justified?

·R u good enough to differentiate between “standing at “disappointment’s doorstep” or an “amazing breakthrough” as u always prepare to explore d success?

·So circles need squaring- r u d 1 to do it?

·U want to prove a point or an idea u feel u must explore. What is that “truth/understanding” that u must reach first?