Few lines..JLT..eternal

St Valentine must have thought to introduce d idea of Feb 14 by analyzing conflicts/pressure/complexities that a human faces while dealing with relationships. Let us see “d point” highlighted in these eternal questions in a valentine week of melting/romantic hearts when people r preparing to see into 1 another’s eyes, whispering only sweet words
  • Some people in our life make a hell lot of difference. In comfortable situations, we feel happiness in our hearts, over-confidence signs on our faces n we figure out mutual beneficial options/opportunities/moments but, in tensions, d opposite is true. Although, ideally, we should work even harder to heal wounds, move from past conflicts, learn to letting go, forgiving n forgetting too. Okie, we no these basics. But, did u remember/act this?
  • We expect winning, dinning n romancing as per our fantasies. We imagine that we should be d “only worlds” to some1 as a pre-condition then we will plan/think to return d affection/attention. But, did reality meet with d theory? And /Or, did u no/response d other person’s pre-condition?
  • Our decisions reflect d transition because we do not like old/annoying sense. We also think that if we do d right things, we will get d right things, irrespective of all complexities /confusions/disorders. Were u doing good n if so, did u make any progress?
  • U waited this season for a year and when d year started, ur mind/soul started acting very positively because u wanted to build bridges, even in d absence of a river to cross. Anyhow, u have been in pressure to remove all differences n create some fantasy-come-true. But, when u were thinking under pressure to get d desired result, many things started to go wrong again. Did u get to no d reason/ Were u kind – this time?
  • We r humans n not necessarily always nice to each other- willingly/ unwillingly/ knowingly/unknowingly. Whatever, but at a point, we find it difficult to forget past conflicts till d time, we don’t make a brave choice to seek therapeutic/healing decision rather than exploring/adding more on old stress/strains. Did u get “that” miracle moment?
  • There r many ways to crack a nut or most appropriately fulfill a desire. But, u needed something “particular” in a “particular” way. So, u wanted a result or a result in a “particular” way? Was there an option with less stress but offered d same satisfaction? If yes, then, y would u not take that? Okie, u could not see that. Did u try to see it And /or did it make itself visible to u, when u were occupied with ur “particular” way?
  • There is a power struggle in all relationships, we admit or not but we no that it is true. Time is a phenomenon worker n patience is a translator to make us understand what time says. Sincerity/honestly is d only currency that time can be influenced /bribed. Did u try it? If yes, did it work out well?
  • We r taught in structured environment to wait patiently to get rewards from d world. We also no tools/methods to shake d tree until fruits falls at our feet so that we can enjoy d potential/expected rewards. Some r more adventurous enough by disturbing d tree so forcefully at a risk of an immature fruit, falling hard on d head. Many such philosophical points can be communicated/derived but hey, we r talking about “connections” here. Did u make d 1 based on d true/unbiased/uninfluenced recommendations of ur heart with “honesty” and “balanced” confidence?
  • Y is d 1 person attracted to other? Does it sound a stupid/unanswerable question? Let us ignore this question. BTW, did u get d “confidence” to respond that attraction?
  • So, this 1 is a valentine month of a leap year. Some may feel that it is an unique opportunity to propose some1 .Were u able to get rid of a fear of being badly judged this time? And /Or did u throw yourself into d role of that some1 what u wanted that “some1” to play?
  • They console that we don’t always get what we want. They also say- keep on trying because drastic developments happen when we bid 4 faith, take a step to get d success even in an environment of discouraging difficulties . Did ur concern about a difficulty was solved?. Were u good enough to see a sign to handle d difficulty?
  • Online retailers, local/branded shopkeepers were busy to focus on 1 thing- business. True lovers/romantics were not able to see a “new thing” in this “push” environment/methodology of aggressive selling of flowers, chocolates, dining/ meeting arrangements, etc. because they feel that every moment is 4 affection. Did u get a chance to get more deeply and pleasingly connected?
  • D most difficult point is to address- Be sure of urself this week as St Valentine would have advised. Were u sure? And/Or too “confident” to show d arrogance?
  • If we don’t communicate, how can we become optimistic to no each other as psyche is just a helping hand not d step. We also talk each other all time, but we don’t listen what actually is said. Did u get a chance to be heard or offer a comfort to listen?
  • We hate to change but if we want some1, we attempt to alter an aspect of our own persona in order to meet his/her needs so that we can be hardly being foolish. Did u see that wisdom?
  • As humans, we always have a fear with varying degree that if we r too straightforward, we may make fools of ourselves. What if, we become too kind to some1 n he/she turns out to be a mean character? What if, we r too pleasant and he/she throws it right back on our face. Were u able to get rid of that fear?
  • Some people don’t need a coffee shop n a pot of roses on a table. They even don’t need flowers, cards, gifts,etc. But, as a thumb rule if they want d magic of St Valentine to bless their personal/emotional life, they need to be willing to engage in a kind, honest, non-judgmental conversation with caring attention to some1’s strong fears/feelings so  that Cupid can shake full of arrows straight to build/strengthen d connection. Whatever, was d case, did u do that?