Few lines..JLT..eternal

·  Oh! People expect much more now a days. Some, r easy to understand others seem like aliens. Anyway, success is possible.  Do u no to make a realistic allowance 4 a difficult person?

·  Matrimony/Dating sites work on “tick” methodology before bringing a male and female on a table. Statistically, it may give relatively better result over “hit n trial” method. But, do u no that thing which sparks ur inner fire, irrespective of drama?

· Relationship is a living thing n living things need energy- giving n receiving both. U got a lot of living n giving to do n living too. Do u still worry n have energy to maintain a relationship truly?

·Partnerships required security based on emotional factor to share comfort and encouragement. R u good enough to focus on d hope to make it happen?

·  Don’t Be modest now, feel like u r d best, it is u n me only, no1 else is watching. Now, can u feel d highest regards 4 urself?

·  U no that “some1”. He/she knows u. Sound cool? I am not raising eyebrow but just reminding u that people r full with surprises. Do u no to see that side?

·  D funda of 'love at first sight' may/may not be valid but immediate acknowledgement exists. Esotericists claim this phenomenon as a linkage of pre-birth. Psychologists argue that it is something to do with a shared desire/dream which may/may not be healthy. Do u no/sense to notice, d connection to some1 which is so powerful to ignore?

·  U want to be worshiped at a distance? Let me ask in a different way- would u get a satisfaction in worship/appreciation as u may not like wearing worship/appreciation as medals and compare with peers in ur group? So u agree that sincere terminology of fondness between individuals is good to feel although it is acceptable that u want these to get translated into touchable gestures and actions. But, do u no to get/see a sincere appreciation and respect it?

·  U r exceptionally good at all on emotional, personal and heartfelt grounds. U directly hit to whom u wish. But, do u also no to heal old wounds or at least resolve past conflicts?

·  U many be easy person or  hard work. Fine. But, Can u assure to those who put hearts and minds with full support on u  that they r not wrong to put much faith on u?

·  U faced much tension which has undermined u. Do u no to see d best gift in person form to realize a new strength and belief system?

·  U think that u r an ordinary person. But, actually- there is no such person exists, as they say, every1 is special. So, every1 is good enough to get compliments. R u good enough to see a superb chemistry within urself and that person?